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Karen A. Naastad, President
Karen started with the business in 1978.  At that time she provided the company with clerical servies and business management.  She advanced her contribution in the company to include estimating, Human Resource Manager, and Safety Coordinator.  She became president of the company in 1996.
Peter M. Naastad, Senior Project Manager
Pete was one of four brothers who began the excavating business in 1974.  He has worked in the field and in estimating since that time.  His work experience is a hands on type of learning.  Pete continues to keep equipment updated so that Naastad Brothers can provide the most efficient and cost effective ways to provide the work we are contracted to do.
About Naastad Brothers, Inc.
Naastad Brothers, Inc. (NBI), a North Dakota Corporation, was established in 1974.  Peter Naastad was one of four brothers who began a business of their own at a very young age.  Pete was 15 when they purchased their first backhoe and trencher and began installing segments of the local rural water system.  They provided excavation services in the early years.  By 1977 they had expanded their business to include: home building, swimming pool sales and installations, plumbing, and appliances.  They purchased and remodeled a warehouse/shop and kept their equipment updated.

From 1983 to 1988, three of the brothers left the business leaving Pete and his wife Karen sole owners.  Karen had become an instrumental part in the business operations and had acquired majority stock in the company by 1989.  Pete and Karen concentrated on underground excavation since this was Pete's area of expertise.  In 1996, NBI aquired a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certification through the North Dakota DOT.  Over the past 10 years, Pete and Karen have focused on the growth of NBI and succeeded in increasing annual sales by 70%.

NBI has been steadily growing for the past 40+ years.  They represent small business in North Dakota as an efficient and effective company.  They are a company who takes great pride in what they do and it is that pride that is reflected in a job well done.
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Rock solid since 1974.
Adam Naastad, Project Manager
Adam joined Naastad Brothers in 2007.  He graduated with a degree in Construction Engineering from North Dakota State University in May of 2006.  He worked for the South Dakota DOT, based out of Aberdeen, until he started with Naastad Brothers.
Benjamin Naastad, PE, Project Manager
Ben joined Naastad Brothers in 2013.  He graduated with a degree in Construction Engineering from North Dakota State University in May of 2001.  He worked for the Kansas DOT until 2006.  He obtained his professional engineering license in Kansas in 2006 and in 2008 became licensed in North Dakota and Minnesota.  From 2006 to 2013 he worked in several engineering sectors being private and public engineering (cities, counties and states), railroad and the Department of Defense.